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Public Safety: 

First and foremost, creating a safe city requires us to invest in public safety and build partnerships with all Oxnardians. As a Councilman, I will lead an effort to increase the training fund and have bi-annual de-escalation training. We will also work to ensure that we have a disaster preparedness plan for our city. 

Good Governance: 

To have a solid and sustainable city, we must take aggressive steps. As a Councilman, I will push for a full review of all city departments' performance and budget. We will implement the Lean Six Sigma process to cut waste while improving efficiency. I will work with the City Manager and the IT department to improve our city website.

Environmental Protection: 

It is essential to protect our environment and natural resources. As a Councilman, I will push for Ormond Beach Wetlands to be cleaned up after decades of abuse and misuse. Work to store and collect recycled water and sell it to developers during the construction phase, farmers, and install purple pipes at city parks and medians.

Community Connections: 

Lines of communication need to be established to allow for an open dialogue with the community. As a Councilman, I will bring together all the local agencies and elected officials to establish a plan to support the needs of our youth and adults. I will also push to strengthen the city's effort to get qualified residents jobs.


Oxnard's Public-Private Partnership to create the Navigation Center is the best step for our city. As a Councilman, I will work with Council, city staff, and the community to locate another site to establish a second Navigation Center. These resources will get to those that need them and get people off the streets. 

Technology Improvements: 

This pandemic has shown the need for a city-wide Wi-Fi system for our residents. As a Councilman, I will continue the efforts of staff and build on those efforts by creating working relationships with the private sector and local school districts. Every student deserves to have reliable internet to do their coursework in a safe space.

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