According to the FBI's ​Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, January–June 2019 shows that crimes have decreased and that's because of strong efforts from Oxnard Police Department's Officers and Leadership. READ MORE


Oxnard does a lot of things right, but we fail to stimulate job growth by establishing a sustainable business environment that promotes opportunity and prosperity for everyone. READ MORE


Oxnard has thousands of miles of public roads that create our main transportation network. Much of it has seen little to no maintenance. We must work to enhance the quality of life by promoting infrastructure improvements and providing necessary services most effectively and efficiently possible. READ MORE




Residents of Oxnard for the past few years have experienced an increase in homelessness. From seeing tents popping up and trash littering our streets, and needles and crack pipes being left around many of our communities in Oxnard.  READ MORE


I believe that it is important to establish local policies that allow for continued domestic energy production and oppose the reliance on foreign markets. That means working to evolve our city into a GREEN city that doesn’t have a negative financial impact on residents and businesses.  READ MORE

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