We owe an outstanding debt of gratitude to those who fought to preserve our freedom. Whether it be ensuring they have the tools to stay safe in combat or ensuring they have access to high-quality healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.


Our Veterans deserve to have all of their needs met, and that means investing in their future to rejoin their civilian life. Too often, the adjustment period can be challenging, but with resources, the adjustment can be a little bit easier. That is why I will work to establish a ”A Hero’s Right to Work” program to match their military experience to the local civilian jobs. I will also push to reform and expand the VA system. 


Daniel understands that we all want strong borders to protect us from criminal activity while creating a safe path towards citizenship. Many undocumented immigrants will have the opportunity to come out of the shadows, get involved in their children’s education, find employment, and ultimately provide a better life for their families. 


Separating families are dangerous and have long-term adverse effects. We should instead equip law enforcement with the tools and training to handle families coming through the appropriate ports of entry. While also increasing the number of immigration lawyers and Judges.



Our firefighters, law enforcement, paramedics, and other emergency response members all do challenging jobs. This is why we need to work to invest more in supporting their efforts in keeping our communities safe.


We start by investing in additional training in addition to annual training efforts, provide more Public Safety Grants for equipment and peroneal and create a relief fund for Public Safety that will assist with supportive resources to keep them safe after a dramatic incident or personal situation. 



Daniel understands that to have a strong economy, new opportunities need to be created, and goals met to capture the American Dream. That means working to prepare America's workforce and plan for our future.

During the COVID pandemic, we saw the harmful effects of businesses temporarily and some permanently closing. That is why Daniel will work to increase Small Business Grants to support so many businesses that make our communities unique, reduce the tax burden on Americans to put more money in their pockets, and work with local community colleges, trade, and vocational schools to prepare residents to take on jobs in demand. 


As the father of two, Daniel, understands that every child learns differently and needs to have access to quality, affordable education that works for them. A “one-size-fits-all” approach only hinders the education of our nation’s future.


Education should be more comprehensive at all levels, and Daniel supports preparing our high school students with opportunities for higher education or trade school sets them on a path towards being productive citizens of society. This will require restoring funding to our K-12 system and reducing class sizes.



We can all agree that we want guns out of the hands of criminals without infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens. This is why we need to set clear guidelines that leave no room for a grey area. 


Daniel will work to establish a uniform background system that will protect our communities. Allocate additional funding to ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) to work with local law enforcement to do sweeps of problematic areas of gun violence and work to establish strict gun violation policies. 



Daniel believes quality, affordable healthcare isn't a luxury but a right for all Americans. It is essential to enact reforms that lower healthcare costs while maintaining access to healthcare for America’s most vulnerable populations.

This is why Daniel will work to keep a competitive healthcare system that allows more opportunities to find the right provider that fits our budgets. While also protecting those with pre-existing illnesses that they won't be denied coverage or expected to pay higher premiums. 



Our nation, especially California, is blessed with an abundance of traditional and renewable energy resources. We need to expand our domestic energy potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.


California has the potential to produce energy resources that will create high paying jobs in our communities while lowering our national demand for energy by supporting innovation to improve our economy’s energy efficiency. This starts with banning and slowing down Fracking operations and developing funding towards renewable energy efforts in our communities.




In California, residents are faced with a high cost of living, and many end up homeless. We need to provide incentives to developers to build affordable housing and increase our housing inventory. These housing would need to within an appropriate distance to public transit and other essential services. 

We also need to ensure that housing projects establish local amenities that support their outdoor recreation and utilities. These projects should be scattered throughout the cities and not centralized in one area.



Transportation needs for Americans differ based on where they live. In California, we struggle like many other large Metropolitain communities with traffic. Sometimes building and rebuilding later doesn't always work. 


This is why we must be bold and innovative when developing or reassessing our local transit systems. We must have public transit become reliable, safe, and efficient. While also ensuring our streets, alleyways, and highways are maintained to a quality level. We must increase funding grants for Mass Urban Transportation Projects and open the range of qualified projects.