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Hello and Welcome,

I have lived my entire life in the beautiful City of Oxnard. From being born at the old St. John's Hospital to growing up in South Oxnard neighborhoods of Cal-Gisler and Bryce Canyon North. I attended school in both Oxnard and Hueneme School Districts and graduated from Hueneme High School in 2007.

I currently sit on several Boards and Commissions that allow me to continue my advocacy for improving the quality of life of residents within Oxnard and the region. For example, making decisions for responsible development and planning, efficient and reliable transportation planning, and working on behalf of the residents of Ventura County to ensure we are environmentally responsible. 

I have spent nearly a decade advocating for Oxnard families. I continue to advocate for good governance, reducing traffic congestion, creating new jobs and affordable housing, and ensuring our communities are safe. Together we can ensure OUR values continue to stay strong for future generations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me; I will be happy to assist you.


Daniel Chavez, Jr.

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