Public Safety: Although crime is not out of control, that is a testament to the leadership and individuals serving Oxnard. As Mayor, I will lead an effort to increase the training budget. It is essential to increase the training fund to ensure public safety and have bi-annual de-escalation training and annual training for all city employees in disaster preparedness. At the same time, providing departments with the necessary equipment to support our residents. 

Good governance: Oxnard has been on a good path, but we still have work to be done. As Mayor, I will work with my colleagues on the Council and staff to implement a full review of city departments to ensure they are running effectively and efficiently. Like the County in 2008, we will utilize the Six Sigma process that cuts waste while improving efficiency. In addition, I will work with the City Manager and IT Department to make the city's website user-friendly and have Councilmember pages similar to the County Supervisors.

Environmental Protection: I believe it is essential to protect our environment. As Mayor, I will push that all city buildings be equipped with solar panels and a battery storage system. As California continues to face the drought, I will work with staff to find ways to store treated potable water instead of dumping it into the ocean. Oxnard has one of the last remaining wetlands, and our efforts should be to protect and preserve it. This means working with local groups and the City of Port Hueneme to keep the Ormond wetlands, lagoon, and beach free of the trash. 

Community Connections: I have been part of the government in public transit, education, and the multiple boards I serve on. One challenge that must be addressed is communication between all government entities. As Mayor, I will bring together all local Oxnard nonprofits to discuss our challenges and ways to support our residents. I will also have monthly meetings with the Mayor of Port Hueneme, the CEO of the Port of Hueneme (Oxnard Harbor District), the CEO of Ventura County, and the three Board of Supervisors that represent Oxnard and the Superintendents of the school districts. I understand that working with all these groups and agencies will support Oxnardians now and into the future. Now is the time for building partnerships and putting egos aside.