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Embracing diversity, building a stronger community.

“I'm running for City Council because Oxnard deserves experienced leadership that prioritizes and delivers for Oxnard.
Let's build a better tomorrow together!”


Greetings and Welcome,

As a lifelong resident of the beautiful City of Oxnard, I've had the privilege of experiencing its vibrant communities firsthand. From the familiar streets of South Oxnard in Cal-Gisler and Bryce Canyon North to the hallways of our esteemed schools, Oxnard has been my home and my heart.

My journey has led me to serve on various Boards and Commissions, where I've passionately advocated for enhancing the lives of our residents. Whether it's championing responsible development, improving transportation systems, or safeguarding our environment, I am committed to advancing the well-being of Oxnard and its neighboring areas.

With nearly a decade devoted to advocating for Oxnard families, I remain steadfast in my dedication to fostering good governance, alleviating traffic congestion, fostering economic growth, and ensuring access to affordable housing. Together, let's uphold the values that define our community and pave the way for a brighter future for generations to come.

Are you ready to make a difference? Let's build a better tomorrow together!


Daniel Chávez, Jr.

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